share getting started

Please download the package that has a "bin" in its name.
Please put this file into a directory completely on its
own. On a graphical windows, mac, or linux desktop, you
simply click the icon of the file that you downloaded: this will open
up a window with notes on what the program is doing.  On a command
line, start it like this:

	java -jar app_share-bin.jar

You may now start to use it:

	* Put the files that you wish to share into that directory

	* Tell the person wishing to obtain the files to enter the
	  address from your window into their web-browser (it should
	  be something like ''

	* If your address starts on '10.' or '172.16.' or '192.168.'
	  then the other person's computer wishing to retrieve from
	  your sharing application will likely need to be in the same
	  network as you (behind the same corporate firewall)

	* anybody who knows (or guesses) the address can retrieve
	files from this directory

	* if you create directories inside this general
	  sharing directory, they do not immediately show up!

        * if you wish to restrict access to some files, please make
          directories inside this directory and create a file
          "pwd.txt" with a list of 'username:password' combinations
          (one per line, withouth the apostrophes and separated by a
          colon, as shown) inside

	* please note that the passwords, directories and
	  files are sent across the network un-encrypted.
	  This means the network administrator can read the
	  directories, passwords, and files that you share.

One more Note: For those of you who do not wish to have a window
popping up when the server runs, please find the property entry
'net.os10000.bldsys.lib_logger.Logger.window_title' and change it to
'null' (without the apostrophes).  This will direct logging to stderr.