infopack getting started

Please download the package that has a "bin" in its name.
Please put this file into a directory completely on its
own. On a graphical windows, mac, or linux desktop, you
simply click the icon of the file that you downloaded: this will open
up a window with notes on what the program is doing.  On a command
line, start it like this:

	java -jar app_infopack-bin.jar

You may now start to use it:

	* Direct your web browser to this
	  is on your computer) and you will find a welcome page.

	* You may press the 'Edit' link in the top line to edit
	  this page.

	* Add your name in 'CamelCase' (I would be adding OliverSeidel)
	   and press the 'save' button.

	* You should now have a new link by your name, that you can
	  click on; do so and it will generate a new page.

	* Now, please press the 'Edit' link at the top of the page
	  again, ...

	* ... and add 'Welcome to my __first__ page!' and press the
	  'save' button.

	* you will notice that the 'first' has been printed in bold
	  face.  Please refer to the following link for further
	  markup instructions.

And now, please go exploring the other options on your own.  I must
say that I am particularly proud of the layout function, that you can
find on the top of each page, and at the bottom of the page with
search results.

One more Note: For those of you who do not wish to have a window
popping up when the server runs, please find the property entry
'net.os10000.bldsys.lib_logger.Logger.window_title' and change it to
'null' (without the apostrophes).  This will direct logging to stderr.