dfasearch getting started

Please compile the application with:

       java -jar ant16.jar dist_bin

Please run the application with:

       java -Xmx1000m -jar app_dfasearch-bin.jar

Please open the resulting CSV file in Excel.  Mark the acceptance table and name its range as "a".  Mark the transition table and name its rnage as "t".  Please press Alt-F11, choose the menu option to add a module and insert the following definition:

    Public Function dfasearch(x As String)
        Static dummy, a, t
        If IsEmpty(dummy) Then
            dummy = 1
            a = Application.Range("a").Cells
            t = Application.Range("t").Cells
        End If
        s = 0
        y = ""
	x = strconv(x,vbLowerCase)
        l = Len(x)
        dfasearch = ""
        For i = 1 To l
            code = Asc(Mid(x, i, 1))
            If (code > 159) Then
                code = 0
            End If
            s = t(s + 2, code + 2)
            r = a(s + 2, 2)
            If (r > y) Then
                y = r
            End If
        Next i
        dfasearch = Mid(y, 3, 99)
    End Function

You can now type into a cell:


which will perform the DFA search on the contents of that cell.